Windows provide an abundance of beautiful natural light. They can also create problems such as cool or drafty areas, excessive heat from the sun and distracting glare — issues that can impact tenant comfort, occupancy rates, energy bills and profits.

 Is your building hot in the summer? When the sun makes one side too hot, is the other side too cold?

3M™  Window Films reject up to 79% of the sun’s heat to help keep rooms at more even, moderate temperatures. In fact, our films can reduce the temperature in direct sunlight by as much as 5°C, making your space more comfortable and usable.

Reduce cold spots

Did you know that your window can lose as much as 20X more heat in the winter than the same area in an adjacent wall? 3M™  Low Emissivity Window Films help improve the insulation value of a typical single-pane window close to that of a double pane, and a double pane close to that of a triple pane.

Eliminate glare problems

 Few things are as frustrating as viewing monitors in a sunlit room. 3M™  Window Films significantly reduce glare so tenants can get work done without added eyestrain or discomfort.



Keep it safe and operational 24/7/365

 Windows are among the weakest points in your building envelope. Should the glass break, the space can become unsafe for occupants and even significantly disrupt daily operations. 3M™  Safety Window Film and 3M™  Impact Protection Attachment Systems are engineered to minimize injury to people and protect property from a range of safety concerns, including:

Installing 3m can upgrade glass to code for as much as 7X less

A higher level of protection

Combine 3M™ Safety Window Film with 3M™ Impact Protection Attachment Systems for an added level of security. The attachment system bonds the filmed window to the frame with an adhesive or profile option. The films are designed to keep broken glass together, and the attachment systems keep the glass safely in the frame.




Use our plain frosted privacy film to let the sun shine in and keep your nosey neighbours out!

You can use plain frosted privacy film on any window – inside or outside – to turn your old see-through windows into frosted or etched glass! It looks modern. Sleek. But, more important, it creates complete privacy for you. Because nobody can see through the professional quality signmaking vinyl film. Even if they pressed their noses right up to the window and shone a torch through, the most they could see is vague, blurred shapes. This feature also gives you the power to block out the unsightly or unwanted views that normally stare at you through your window…

It can enhance your security and privacy – by keeping unwanted people from looking into your home or office…

And it lets you do all this while letting 90% of the warm natural light in all year round. (A benefit you just can't get with curtains, blinds or drapes.)

This frosted film is perfect for putting on the outside of your shower screen, kitchens, glass-panelled cupboard fronts (to hide the contents), laundries, the glass panels either side of a front door…